Despite tenant laws Ontario landlords want the right to ban the use of pot in their rental properties once weed becomes legalized for recreational use this summer. Ontario landlords argue they should be allowed to change their current tenants’ leases as preventative measures to prohibit the use in their units.

Some marijuana users say, however, that the situation would leave renters with few places to legally use weed, given the province’s already restrictive rules around the drug. The province plans a ban on recreational pot consumption in public spaces and workplaces, allowing it only in private residences. Medical marijuana use will be permitted anywhere that cigarette smoking is allowed, the legislation says.

However, Ontario’s tenant laws make it illegal for landlords to change the terms of their lease before the lease ends. Dan Henderson, president of DelSuites and Del Condominium Rentals property management companies, states that “It can cost $5,000-6,000 to get the smell of marijuana smoke out of apartment walls and floors.” 

The province is also considering opening designated consumption rooms and lounges for cannabis—something Blake and Murphy said could be a good idea for larger apartment buildings. 

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